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The Day I Saw My Abs For The First Time…

You should do it Alayon…what is the worst that can happen?  Just try it out.

I remember those words coming from my high school weight lifting coach like it was yesterday back in 2004 which was my junior year in high school.  What I am referring to is my coach wanted me to try out for Mr. Cougar.  This was an annual bodybuilding show held at the school.

He told me, you already work out…why not follow the diet and compete.  I must admit, I was very skeptical at first.  I said, ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Go out in front of my entire school in a speedo.  What is wrong with you I told him!!!

I demanded and answer but after a week of talking with him, I told him I would at least try it out.  So I follow the diet and 3 days later….YAWZA!  It happened.  I was able to see the outline of my abs for the first time EVER!

I Became Obsessed Like a Programmer to a Computer…

After following the diet and exercise program for 3 months, I won my weight class.  The next year I came back with a vengeance and my senior year I won the show by a land slide.  I used that philosophy to dominate college and study accounting.  I had to discipline myself my junior year by not going out to the bars and partying like many of the other people were doing.  I applied that same discipline from my bodybuilding show, to graduate with honors from The University of South Florida.

You would think I was on my way to getting a fantastic job in public accounting and had my life figured out…right?  Well not exactly.

There Was Still A Problem…

I started the interview process for the Big 4 Accounting Firms back in 2008.  This was when the economy had TANKED!  The DOW was at 6,500 and the accounting firms were only taking a few people due to budget constraints.  I made it to the final round of interviews but could did not get any job offers.

I felt like I had been punched in the stomach, kicked in the ribs and was waiting to be fed to the lions.  Imagine sacrificing your time and effort for 2-3 years to keep your grades up in order to get a job which under normal circumstances would have been easy to get but the economy being the way it was, did not allow this to work out!

Realizing from mentors and friends who told me how corporate jobs really were, I realized I would be dead before I decided to become somebody’s worker all my life.  Then, it dawned up on me!

May 31, 2009…The Day a New Anthony Was Born…

 After being introduced to “The Secret”, a film that was introduced to me by a friend of mine, I knew I had more to offer the world than to sit at a cube and rot away for the rest of my life.  I learned about the Law of Attraction and how like attracts like.

What scared me was going back to earlier stages in my life and seeing how I really did create and attract a lot of the events that were both good and bad.  After being spooked out for months, I decided that the best way to predict the future was to get busy creating it.

So my first summer off from school, I started learning about programming and building web sites.  The reason was I wanted to pursue my passion which was health and fitness.  I knew hard copy books were going out of style like the disco dance floor and E-Commerce was booming.

I also predicted E-Commerce would be one of the largest world economy’s.  So I dove right in and spent 60 hours a week taking online courses to get a web site up and running.  I knew if I could follow my passion and share my health and fitness tips with the world, there would be a demand for it.

So with the help of 2 of my closest friends, I got the web site up and the e-book created.  I thought that everyone would come to the site like every day was Black Friday.  Boy was I wrong.  Nobody came so I was forced to study how to drive traffic to my web site.

So I had just graduated and needed some sort of income.

My Worst Nightmare Became a Reality…I Got The Job!

Needing some sort of income, I finally got hired at a lower salary working with an accounting firm.  You figured I would be happy…right?  I mean that is what I went to school to study.

Well this turned out to be my worst nightmare as I ended up gaining 10 pounds, working anywhere from 50-60 hours a week and not having time for the gym.  The food around the office was terrible but I did not know how to adjust to this lifestyle.  I did circuit training but it was not enough.

After, I got depressed as I knew the definition of the “rat race”.  I was stuck and felt hopeless. It was like I was in a 360 degree never ending circle of doom.

Someone Committed Suicide on the Job…The Final Straw

To top things off, there was a guy who jumped off an 8 story building at the job.  I knew something had to be done.  I was around the wrong environment and was not putting myself in a state to decide to leave the job.  I ended up getting my confidence back, created a program that was a hybrid of bodybuilding and circuit training.  This was something that could work for the busy people who do not have time for a long workout.

I felt better about myself.  Then the happiest day of my life came.

I FIRED MY BOSS!  I Gave Him the Middle Finger.

I said enough was enough.  I realized that the point in which all change happens is something simple…a decision.  The word decision comes from latin for decedir which means to cut off all other possibilities except for the thing you are committed to.

So 5 months later I took my web site and online business to a whole new level.  I made the choice that I was going to quit my job FOREVER on December 21, 2012.  The day the Mayans predicted it right for me.  It was the end of my corporate run.

So I started my own business and worked with Critical bench 20 hours a week and 40 hours on my own stuff.  I realized I was even busier on my own, but I had my life back.

So I came up with a BETTER SOLUTION.  I did what I call is the MT3 workout and diet plan.

It was streamlined for people who are too busy to even go to the gym.  They can simply workout at the office if they want to.